for our buyers

We believe that buying real estate should be an enjoyable process as well as a profitable one.

We offer buyer rebates that you can use at closing.  Rebates can be used toward closing costs.  Our goal is that you have a successful transaction and find the right home for your needs while using an experienced realtor.  Saving money for our clients is our top priority. 

When you purchase a property you can receive buyer rebates from a portion of the agent commission applied to your closing costs. 

You lender will need to approve all rebates

Sharing commissions is subject to the rebate not being shared with any other party such as a relocation company or any third party vendor.

The rebate will be applied to the buyers closing costs on a settlement statement and is subject to your lenders approval.

I recommended you contact your lender to let them know you want to participate in our buyer rebate program.

This is a great program for buyers and if you have any questions, please contact us and we  will be happy to explain in more detail how it works – and how much you can earn back!